The recovery of figuration that since the eighties has characterized a large section of artistic production, European in particular, has taken different paths, each with its own evolution; among them, the path of revisiting the old, especially the late-Renaissance and Mannerist art, which allowed intellectual games of great and engaging charm.

Luana Lapi is placed in this context, with a well defined personality; identifying, in the references, themes and iconography that allow her to relive at the same time surreal situations. So her mannequins are just dummies, with a metaphysical matrix, but at the same time they are free sculptures – the artist also has a significant sculptural ability – and, adorning them with flowers and fruit, become symbols of a world simultaneously Arcadian and grotesque, to the boundaries of Arcimboldo’s taste.

At the same time, the female figures corseted like eighteenth and nineteenth century ladies, take us back to an atmosphere of spicy intimacy. All wrapped in a fantastic vapor which is liek a musical rhythm.A painting at the same time cultured and full of seduction.

Rossana Bossaglia

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